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Student projects

Call for students

Are you a student and interested in writing your bachelor or master thesis related to topics tackled by the SPARE project? Are you interested in an internship in Norway?


Get in touch with us via e-mail at!

Current projects

Our partner, the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), is planning to include master students as part of the SPARE project in connection with WP2 on blue-green infrastructures for integrated stormwater, recreation and biodiversity management. Click here for more information (in Norwegian).

Previous projects

See the list of previous student projects as a part of the SPARE project. Also, for inspiration, see the list of bachelor and master theses written as part of the New Water ways project, the predecessor of the SPARE project.

Blue-Green Infrastructure: The experience of aesthetics (2023)

Student name: Diana Hernandez

What: Master thesis - A qualitative study of perceptual and aesthetic landscape at NMBU, Ås. Diana points at some principles on peoples perception and appreciation of BGI structure on campus. The work provides some insights for design recommendations for future projects.

Affiliation: Norwegian university of Life Sciences (NMBU)

Supervisors: Jorg Sieweke

Accessible here.

An Urban Estuary’s Transformation: Grønlikaia’s “Buffer Zone” Case Study (2023)

Student name: Anahita Jafar Abadi

What: Master thesis. The objective of this thesis is to explore an urban estuary area (of the Alna river at Kongshavn nord, Oslo, Norway) focusing on its current ecological state and analyze existing design proposals for the sustainable development of Grønlikaia's buffer zone in Kongshavn North.

Affiliation: Norwegian university of Life Sciences (NMBU)

Supervisors: Jorg Sieweke

Collaboration: Asplan Viak AS

Accessible here.

Can blue-green infrastructures purify water? (2023)

Student name: Gry Helen Tveite Olsen

What: Master thesis. This thesis investigates physical and chemical conditions along Campusbekken, a blue-green stream in the university park at Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) in Ås, Norway.

Affiliation: Norwegian university of Life Sciences (NMBU)

Supervisors: Susanne Claudia Schneider and Sondre Meland

Accessible here.

Do people like blue-green infrastructures? (2023)

Student name: Rosemary Ebosetale Aghedo

What: Master thesis. The purpose of this study is to reveal if there are similarities or differences between the perception, aesthetic quality and benefits of blue-green infrastructure enjoyed by the different groups of respondents. The study also discuss how to assess different stakeholders' knowledge on blue-green infrastructures, their needs, the benefits they accrue, their opinion on how effective these structures are in adapting to climate change and how environmentally conscious they are in general.

Affiliation: Norwegian university of Life Sciences (NMBU)

Supervisors: Jan E. Vermaat and Bart Immerzeel

Accessible here.

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