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Working With Nature-Based Solutions: Synthesis and mapping of status in the Nordics

NIVA recently published a new synthesis report and other resources from the S-ITUATION project, lead by NIVA and funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers. Other partners were Aarhus University (Denmark), Luke – Natural Resources Institute (Finland), Agricultural University of Iceland, and Lund University (Sweden)

The synthesis on nature-based solutions in the Nordic region shows that:

  • Clear political willingness and prioritization are needed to mainstream NBS

  • Institutional structures and policy instruments are essential to implement NBS

  • Common standards and guidance can support increased adoption of NBS

  • Long-term monitoring and evaluation of implemented NBS is central

  • Adaptive management to increase resilience is very important

  • Sustainable use and management should be prerequisites for NBS

  • The knowledge-base in all phases of NBS projects should be strengthened

  • Further research on NBS is needed to reduce uncertainties and overcome knowledge-gaps

  • Participatory approaches can strengthen collaboration and stakeholder involvement in NBS

The SPARE project is currently working on several of these aspects.

Ingvild Skumlien Furuseth and Leonard Sandin, both involved in the SPARE project, presented the results in a webinar in "Naturbasert sone" (in Norwegian/Swedish):

You may find the presentation here.

Publications from the S-ITUATION project are available here:

Visit the S-ITUATION website for more information.



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