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SPARE annual meeting

The annual meeting of SPARE took place over two days last week in NIVA's Oslo offices. The consortium gathered together to provide a status update in each task and discuss current drafts and results, as well as ideas for the years.

Presentations were given by each work package leader, as well as representatives from the municipalities Oslo, Asker, Bærum and Lørenskog.

We also visited a stream which have been reopened in Oslo, Teglverskdammen, in winter conditions.

Topics and results presented and discussed in more detail were:

  • Strategy to implement stormwater and biodiversity friendly streets (UCPH)

  • Strategy to improve the accounting for municipal environmental expenses on BGI and the cost estimates for different blue-green infrastructures (NINA)

  • Results from the design studios and student activities organized by NMBU

  • Mapping of urban typology-morphologies, ecosystem service deficits and the potential for urban re-greening by the use of satellite images and historic aerial photos for Oslo (HRTB)

  • Multi-criteria spatial targeting tool for trees (NINA)

  • Accounting for BGI ecosystem service and design discussion on the future biodiversity enhanced BGI database and interactive GIS platform for map dissemination (NINA)

  • Findings from interviews of civil servants in a Norwegian municipality (Pådriv)

We look forward to continued close collaboration in this project, making space for biodiversity, recreation and stormwater in our cities.

Photos: Ingvild Skumlien Furuseth, Line Johanne Barkved og Yvona Holbein



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